Wijnland Auto Museum

Les Boshoff lives, collects and builds custom cars for movies, commercials and tv series near Cape Town.

Shinya Kimura / Chabott Engineering for Craftrad

Custom bike designer and builder from Los Angeles

yazemeenah Rossi for Refinery29

Wardrobe Styling: Øye Decova, Make-Up: Iris Esmeralda, Hair: Hilda Flores

Yann Brenyak

Tattoo Artist from Switzerland.

Rafael Gareisen


Kingsley Q


Andreas Fröhlich for 4Pigeons

Actor and Director (Die Drei ???, Lord of the Rings)

Author & Punisher

Musician Tristan Shone, who builds his own doom metal instruments

Tony Ferrari

Musician from Los Angeles

Will Brandt

Actor (Shock Value, My Only Son) and Model


Roger Baptist, Musician

Tjark Hardwig


Elan Lee

Game Designer (Exploding Kittens), Emmy winner and  former Chief Design Officer at XBox Entertainment Studios